The Halifax and District Telephone Directory, December 1950
The Halifax and District Telephone Directory, December 1950.
A relatively recent resource for us to reproduce but from an important period where tracking down your family can be tricky. This is the directory published by the Maritime Telegraph & Telephone Company Ltd., and lists subscribers for the following exchanges and areas: Bay Road; Bedford Including:- Sackville District; Blandford; Chezzetcook; Eastern Passage; French Village; Halifax Including:- Bayside, Lawrencetown and Minesville Districts; Hubbards; Lake Charlotte; Mount Uniacke; Musquodoboit Harbour, Including:- Jeddore District; Porter's Lake; St. Margaret's; Sambro; Ship Harbour; Tangier Including:- Mooseland, Pleasant Harbour, & Spry Bay Districts; and Wellington.
The directory also includes the "Yellow Pages" which enables you to search for businesses. This can be a great help because the owner's / proprietor's name is often given in the advertising.
It is obviously fairly easy to find people in the directory if you know the name and the area where they lived but we have made this directory fully text searchable so you can find any word (person, place etc.). As with all directories this is also a great way of finding other relatives which you weren't aware of, by finding all occurrences of the family name or of the maiden name of a spouse.

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