Vernon's London (Ontario) Directory, 1944
A fine and very comprehensive directory of the inhabitants of London, Ontario in the period leading up to 1944. The directory estimates the population to be 87,171 at the time of publication.
The data is presented in several formats including a Business Directory, an Alphabetical Directory and a Street Directory. Also includes "Miscellaneous Information," mainly public services provided by local government but also entries for various religious and civic philanthropic organizations. Numerous advertisements throughout.
The Business Directory is divided by trades and professions.
The Alphabetical Directory appears to list ALL adults alphabetically by family name, giving their address, marital status, job or profession & property ownership. The names of deceased husbands are given in widows listings. Also listed in this section are businesses giving ownership / management data.
This is an exceptionally useful directory, especially considering that the census data will not be available for many years yet.
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