Yarmouth, Nova Scotia: A Sequel to Campbell's History
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia: A Sequel to Campbell's History. George S. Brown (1888)
It's clear from the subtitle of this work that there is some history behind its original production. The explanation of this is given by the author in his Preface and I can do no better than to quote that preface here. Quote: There is extant a copy of "A History of the County of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, by the Rev. J. R. Campbell," published in 1876, where, beneath the printed testimonial preceding its title page, occur these words over the date of Sept.2, 1885 : "When this book was first offered to the public, I somewhat hastily passed over its pages; and then, and at other times since, it seemed to me strange that so many inaccuracies should have escaped the critical notice of the gentlemen whose names are attached to the above testimonial. But having more carefully examined the book within the past week, I have taken the liberty of making some marginal notes where it seemed to be of some importance that the errors in the text should be corrected." A few months afterward, a second examination of the book led to additional notes, which at length extended so far beyond the capacity of the margins of its pages and other blank spaces as to reach a volume nearly as large as the contents of the book they were reviewing; and toward the end of December, 1885, the Author concluded that it was his duty in some measure to repair the errors of omission and commission to which his notes referred, by the publication of this book."

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