The Winslow Papers, 1776 - 1826
The Winslow Papers, 1776 - 1826. New Brunswick Historical Society. (1901)
This book has been described as, "One of the richest collections of loyalist materials known to exist." Even its own preface says it "... will be found to contain the largest and most important collection of public and private papers relative to the early history of the maritime provinces ..."
The Winslow family in North America descended from Edward Winslow who, together with his young wife, came to America as one of the "Mayflower pilgrims." He helped to established the colony of Plymouth in 1620 and then became its first Governor. The earliest papers in this collection date from 1776 when his great grandson (also named Edward) was a man of some importance in Plymouth. Many of these early letters recount the private and public experiences of Mr. Winslow as a loyalist living through the revolutionary war. This tumult ultimately resulted in his leaving Plymouth to settle in Nova Scotia, by way of Halifax, in 1783.
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